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GSGATL Volunteer Leadership Conference


It starts with us!

This past weekend, on Saturday, August 9th, was the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Volunteer Leadership Conference. Where you there? We were! The GSGATL History and Archives Committee had a booth set up all day long sharing info and educating everyone about who we are and what we do! Everyone had a lot of fun spreading the word about what the Archives can do to help volunteers grow and strengthen their leadership experience.

The Volunteer Leadership Conference was held at the Cobb Galleria off of Cobb Parkway, near Marietta, Ga. It focused on learning experiences and how volunteers and leaders can make the most of their knowledge of Girl Scouting while facilitating the volunteers of tomorrow.


Volunteer Leadership Conference in the Cobb Galleria Ballroom

Archive committee members educated leaders about the many items we have in the collection that can help them and their troops complete programs and earn badges. For example, did you know that in the Archives we have resource boxes for each age level that will help you complete the history portion of the Girl Scout Way badge?

Resource boxes for every age level available in GSGATL Archives

Resource boxes for every age level available in GSGATL Archives

Linda Bishop, member of the GSGATL Archives Committee, at our booth at the Volunteer Leadership Conference

Linda Bishop, member of the GSGATL Archives Committee, at our booth at the Volunteer Leadership Conference

How has our Girl Scout Law changed over the years? Our uniform? Our ceremonies? Our songs? We can help you learn all about the traditions of our Girl Scout Sisters of the past and how they relate to Girl Scouts of today, then share your new found knowledge with your troop or other Girl Scout leaders and volunteers!

If you missed this year’s Conference, we welcome all of you to make some time to come by the Mableton Service Center and see what we have to offer for you and your Scouts!


Research at the Archives: Camp Scout Haven

An example of a "swap" from Scout Haven

In February of 2011, three Kennesaw Mountain High School students approached Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta for help with a school research project: the history of Camp Scout Haven. There were many parts to their project, including original sources, an interview, a research essay, a display and a formal presentation in front of a committee. The purpose of the project was to collect enough information to justify Camp Scout Haven become a historic preservation site. Some of the students’ questions included:

  • When did this camp start to be used by the Girl Scouts?
  • How often is this campsite used?
  • What are the conditions of this camp?
  • How long has Scout Haven been around?
  • What are the pros and cons of Scout Haven? (Could it be eliminated as a camp?)
  • Do you know when this home was built?
  • What is the history behind this home? (What events occurred there, who has managed it, how and why was it built)
  • Where can we find the records of this home?

Falcon's Roost Lodge at Camp Scout Haven. An ideal "first-time" camping unit in a quiet setting.

The resources we were able to provide were the Girl Scouts of Cobb County Scrapbook (1947-49); photographs of Camp Scout Haven from 1956 and 1957; personal recollections of Scout Haven, collected by Sue Belden, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Archivist, from Alice Harbin, Executive Director of the Cobb County Girl Scouts in 1957; camp and financial reports garnered from the Gerry Wells collection by Sue Belden; and Scout Haven-related articles from “The Council Bulletin” and council day camp brochures.

The students have promised to send us a copy of their research paper and video interview with Margaret Paschal, Archives Committee Member, and to let us know when their project will be on display later this spring.

Swaying Pines, the day use shelter at Camp Scout Haven

Scout Haven Trivia:

  • The beauty of the camp site was the main reason Alice Harbin accepted the position of Executive Director of the Cobb County Girl Scout Council in 1957.
  • The first building built at Scout Haven was the “dining hall” – the screen building later known as the summer lodge and now as part of the Swaying Pines day use area.
  • The platform tent units (Green Grove and Sunny Hill) were not completed and named until after the great merger in 1964.
  • The cost of ten days of day camp in 1966 was $9.00.
  • The tornado that came through the camp in the 1990s skipped over the lodges and huts but dropped pine trees on the tents and unit shelters; only the tent platforms survived!

Do you have memories of Camp Scout Haven you would like to share? You can post a comment here, visit our Girl Scout Memories Facebook page, or fill out the “It’s Your Story…Tell it! form on the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta website. We are all ears!

Girl Scout History at the Resource Center

Service Center of the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta

The Girl Scout Resource Center and the Girl Scout Archives live side-by-side at the Mableton (Atlanta) Service Center. The Resource Center provides hands-on access to history for girls and adults who want to hold or touch as well as look at materials from the past. Leaders may check out older handbooks to share with the girls, or check out an entire activity kit that includes books, uniforms and other Girl Scout as well as popular materials from the past.

The history-based activity kits include:

  • Brownie Girl Scouts Through the Years: 1930s
  • Brownie Girl Scouts Through the Years: 1940
  • Ponytails and Poodle Skirts: Your Sock Hop In a Box (1950s)
  • Discovering Our History (Girl Scouting in the USA)
  • Daisy’s Days: The Life and Times of Juliette Low

There are also “historic” videos (VHS) available for checkout:

“AN INTERVIEW IN TIME”– GSUSA, 1981 – 5 minutes — an imaginary interview with Juliette Low recaps some history of Girl Scouting in the U.S. as well as the ideals behind the Movement; contains many archival photos; explains the organization of Girl Scouts at the national and council levels. Part 1 and Part 2 are on YouTube on the GirlScoutVideos (GSUSA) channel.

“FROM KHAKI TO KELLY: WATCH OUR GIRL SCOUT STYLE”– Greater Minneapolis GSC, 1995 – 20 minutes; this video style show features 24 different historical uniforms; a girl narrator tells the story of the historical period when each uniform was worn, from 1912 to 1995.

“GOLDEN EAGLET, The” — GSUSA, 1918/1982 VHS and DVD – 20 minutes – – this classic silent film (with subtitles) made in 1918 shows the early days of Girl Scouting. Shot on location with real Girl Scouts, it was intended to raise community interest in starting Girl Scout troops. Juliette Low appears briefly at the beginning and end of the movie. Part 1 and Part 2 are on YouTube on the GirlScoutVideos (GSUSA) channel.

“SOMETHING FOR THE GIRLS” — GSUSA, 1962 – 21 minutes – original film was produced for the 50th anniversary of Girl Scouts in the U.S.; shows photos from the early days of Girl Scouting; includes some biographical information about Juliette Low.

“UNCOMMON SENSE” – The History of Juliette Low and the Girl Scouts. Old photographs and interviews tell a short history of Juliette Low’s life up to the founding of the Girl Scouts in America.

“WORLD FRIENDSHIP” – GSUSA, 1948 – 19 minutes — an historical film featuring an international camp for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from Brazil, Canada and the U.S., held in conjunction with the 12th World Association Conference in Cooperstown, NY; story follows the experiences of three girls in camp, including meeting Lady Baden-Powell; emphasizes the international scope of Girl Guiding and Scouting, and the fun of learning about other countries and cultures.

To find out more about these materials, contact Margaret Paschal, Program Resource Center Coordinator of the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta at 770-702-9610 or