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Research at the Archives: Camp Scout Haven

An example of a "swap" from Scout Haven

In February of 2011, three Kennesaw Mountain High School students approached Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta for help with a school research project: the history of Camp Scout Haven. There were many parts to their project, including original sources, an interview, a research essay, a display and a formal presentation in front of a committee. The purpose of the project was to collect enough information to justify Camp Scout Haven become a historic preservation site. Some of the students’ questions included:

  • When did this camp start to be used by the Girl Scouts?
  • How often is this campsite used?
  • What are the conditions of this camp?
  • How long has Scout Haven been around?
  • What are the pros and cons of Scout Haven? (Could it be eliminated as a camp?)
  • Do you know when this home was built?
  • What is the history behind this home? (What events occurred there, who has managed it, how and why was it built)
  • Where can we find the records of this home?

Falcon's Roost Lodge at Camp Scout Haven. An ideal "first-time" camping unit in a quiet setting.

The resources we were able to provide were the Girl Scouts of Cobb County Scrapbook (1947-49); photographs of Camp Scout Haven from 1956 and 1957; personal recollections of Scout Haven, collected by Sue Belden, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Archivist, from Alice Harbin, Executive Director of the Cobb County Girl Scouts in 1957; camp and financial reports garnered from the Gerry Wells collection by Sue Belden; and Scout Haven-related articles from “The Council Bulletin” and council day camp brochures.

The students have promised to send us a copy of their research paper and video interview with Margaret Paschal, Archives Committee Member, and to let us know when their project will be on display later this spring.

Swaying Pines, the day use shelter at Camp Scout Haven

Scout Haven Trivia:

  • The beauty of the camp site was the main reason Alice Harbin accepted the position of Executive Director of the Cobb County Girl Scout Council in 1957.
  • The first building built at Scout Haven was the “dining hall” – the screen building later known as the summer lodge and now as part of the Swaying Pines day use area.
  • The platform tent units (Green Grove and Sunny Hill) were not completed and named until after the great merger in 1964.
  • The cost of ten days of day camp in 1966 was $9.00.
  • The tornado that came through the camp in the 1990s skipped over the lodges and huts but dropped pine trees on the tents and unit shelters; only the tent platforms survived!

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