Happy Spring!

How is everyone in Atlanta enjoying this beautiful Spring weather? It’s been really nice recently, and although the forecast calls for one last cold snap this weekend, Spring is officially here! Last Friday, March 20th, was this year’s Vernal Eqinox, the first day of Spring. What are you doing to spend time outside before the vicious Georgia summer gets here? Maybe you’ve already planned a camping trip or two… Pictured here from left to right are the Junior Camper badge of today, the Campcraft badge, and the Outdoor Cook badge, both in use from 1938 to 1963:


Or maybe camping’s not your thing? That’s ok! There are all kinds of outdoor badges that Girl Scouts over the past century have been able to earn. Get outside and observe animals, plant some flowers, take a day hike, or play some outdoor games! Pictured below are the 1955-1963 Sports badge, the 1938-1963 Swimmer badge, and today’s Junior Gardener badge:


Whatever it is you decide to do, just have fun outside during this gorgeous weather! Happy Spring, Girl Scouts!


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  1. archivesue@aol.com

    Maggie – So upbeat!! I love it. AND – useful ideas to get us out there enjoying The season. Congrats. Loyally, Sue Belden

  2. If you want to get technical, the Campcraft badge actually ran from 1938 through 1980, becoming a Cadette badge in ’63 when the program split. Outdoor Cook ran from 1948 to 2011, with a revision in ’90 (they changed the design from a gypsy kettle over a camp fire to a frying pan on a backpacker’s stove. I’ve been working on a chart of camping badges throughout Scouting for the 90th anniversary of one of our camps this June.

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