Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Archives Committee Turns 25!

girl scouts make history logo 2Tomorrow, October 7th, the GSGATL History and Archives Committee is 25 years young! During these 25 years, the collection of artifacts that were gathered together by Girl Scout volunteers has grown from just a couple of boxes to our now practically overflowing archives room at the Mableton Service Center.

Much of the same things that we discuss at our meetings today were on the agenda for that first meeting. Questions were asked, such as, “How can we share our history with the public? How can the public help us?” and “How can we reach council members and scouts?” Our priority has always been and continues to be sharing our heritage and getting our history out there for all to learn.

Mary Ann Milton, GSGATL Archives Committee Member

Mary Ann Milton, GSGATL Archives Committee Member

From the very beginning, the Archives Committee has been comprised solely of volunteers who are passionate about collecting and preserving documents, photos, and other items regarding our Girl Scout heritage in order to share with others. Out of the original six volunteers who met on that fall Saturday in 1989, one member, Mary Ann Milton, is still very active in the committee. A vital part of our committee, Mary Ann is shown here wearing a mid-century vintage Girl Scout uniform as she helps represent the committee at the Girl Scout Volunteer Leadership Conference held at the Cobb Galleria in Marietta, Ga. on August 9th, 2014.

The vast majority of our collection today has come from interested people just like you! One of our mottoes is “Your Trash is Our Treasure!” What you might think is unimportant could very well be that special item that we’ve been looking for! That Daisy uniform that you just no longer have room for in that crowded coat closet? That childhood Brownie handbook gathering dust on the shelf? Old cookie prizes that your daughter doesn’t play with anymore? Pins and badges that you came across at the local thrift store? Every little thing is appreciated and valued.

We also offer information for anyone that might be interested in preserving history for themselves or their troop and/or Service Unit. We can answer questions such as “What is cataloging? Accession? What is meant by acid-free paper, etc.? Where can I get training to learn archival techniques?” We’re also always looking for new members for our committee! Are you interested in the past? Are you interested in Girl Scouting’s past? Just want to give your time to Girl Scouts in an incredible way? Please contact us!

Here at the GSGATL Archives Committee, we hope we’re around for at least another 25 years! We can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you. Girl Scouts always have and always will Make History!



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    Maggie – What a wonderful post. I especially like Mary Ann photo in her uniform. I appreciate you getting those words out to let Girl Scout members know that we have been here for 25 years. Loyally, Sue Belden

  2. I’m one of the volunteer historians at GS of WISE. Where did you come up with that “Girl Scouts Make History” logo? Is there any permission needed to use it? We are buried in the basement of our main council headquarters, and most troops don’t know we exist. I would like to do more to let our council know what we do and what we can offer. Having an anniversary event for your archives is a wonderful idea, and makes me wonder how far back our archives goes. I would also like o get more pieces about the archives into our e-mail newsletter and I think that logo would be wonderful for that.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Karen! You know, you raise some good questions… let me find out a little bit for you and I will email you back!

      We are located downstairs in our council headquarters too. Unfortunately there are a lot of volunteers and scouts who don’t know much about us, either. We are trying our hardest to get the word out there and get more publicity!

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