Yay for Volunteers

Volunteer Patch in the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Archives

This week has been a celebration of our volunteers, and today is celebrated as Leader’s Day! Girl Scout Leader’s Day, April 22, honors all the volunteers who work as leaders and mentors in partnership with girls. Girls, their families, and communities should find a special way to thank their adult Girl Scout volunteers.

The first Girl Scout Leaders Day was held in April 1982. It was originally created to celebrate the contributions of adult volunteers who put in many hours of hard work with the girls. However, it’s grown to also include all the other volunteers that help out with troops, such as parent volunteers, community members, and anyone who impacts the lives of girls in troops.

We would love to hear the ways that our leaders have been thanked. How did you thank your daughter’s leader, or what type of presents did you receive as a leader? Any memorable tokens that you remember? Please share!


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  1. The best surprise and award I recieved was my “Outstanding Leader”…because it came from my girls and their parents.

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