Cookie Tins

Cookie Bank, undated

Girl Scout cookie tins are very popular, and are often sought by collectors. According to the Girl Scout Collector’s Guide (2005),

“Many vintage Girl Scout cookie tins and boxes exist. These early tins and boxes are often difficult to identify and date, however. The difficulty can be attributed to the fact that over the years a great number of bakers existed in many locations throughout the country.” (p. 457)

The Archives also has a tin from Byrd’s Cookie Company in Savannah, Georgia, depicting the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. We would love to hear from you about which tins you have in your collection!


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  1. I have a cookie can that has boys and girls on the side there is a B on the bottom ot the can.I can not find out anything about it.I beleive it is pre world war two. It is a 10 ounce cookie can, Can you help.My name is Carl Howk and my e-mail address is,I can send you a picture ot it if i hhad a phone number. Thanks for your help. Carl

  2. I have an old tin my grandma use to keep buttons in

  3. I have 2 tins.. they aren’t very old, but I wondered if they were worth anything? One is “Girl Scouts take the lead”, and the other is ” Girl Scout Beginnings”..both are in wonderful condition.

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